Lacey and Andrew are getting married in May. We have been friends since we were 17 in our church youth group. Yep, 17 in all its awkward, confusing glory. Though, in my memory, Lacey was never awkward and always looked as gorgeous as she does now.

In our brainstorming email sessions, Andrew shared that he wanted their photos to reflect their differences. Here’s what he had to say about her, “Lacey has always helped “lighten me up,” which is what I love about her. I am a deathly awkward introvert, have a hard time coming out of my shell, and just generally spend too much time overthinking and pondering things. She is way more fun, blunt, and social than I am, and is usually the life of the party. She makes me look cooler than I am.”

I mean, come on. When I read that, how could I not be ecstatic about shooting their engagement and wedding?! Since I made a special trip back to Maryland for their engagement shoot, we decided to really do it up. We fit in about 6 very different locations and Lacey had the best outfits for each one. Lacey expertly accessorized each location with a kick ass outfit. They chose a few places with meaning for them as a couple, and a few places that were just plain awesome and fun locations to shoot. I like to say I can take a moment that feels really awkward and make it look really good. It’s all about trusting your photographer, people!

For engagement photography, I always recommend going to a spot that is meaningful to you as a couple. Somewhere that’s fun or special for both of you and your story together. It’s really fun to do the dress up, formal glam shots because it’s not everyday life. And it’s important to get the shots where you can relax and just have fun with your significant other, because that’s where the beautiful, honest moments happen.

For Lacey & Andrew’s engagement shoot, we started at Max’s Taphouse in Fell’s Point, and the boys there were kind enough to let us shoot before they opened for the day!