Alohaaaaaaa friends! Nearly a year ago, a friend and I tried living in Kauai for a short time. We bought one-way tickets, worked in a hostel, and bummed around the island for a little while. Ultimately, the lifestyle didn’t fit my chaos driven, east-coast personality, and that’s the short version of what brought me to Seattle. In the time I was there, I did pull together some amazing shoots! So, today you get to meet Renata! She’s a local yoga teacher and all about that aloha spirit. All of her classes are outside, by the ocean, which is just the best possible way to do yoga. Sun, palm trees, ocean waves and downward dogs. After taking a class from the beautiful Renata, I knew I had to do some yoga photography with her. So we did a little brainstorming of the coolest possible places to shoot in Kauai (that list is unfairly long) and decided Queen’s Bath at sunrise was going to give us the perfect mood for our yoga shoot together. PSA: be prepared to feel really inflexible after looking at these photos.