The Katt Family

Lots of hugs & love overlooking the Seattle skyline.
Family at Seattle, Washington

two sisters running and laughing together
mom and daughter who are wild about each other
mom hugs little girl close
mom hugs daughters close to her
dad gives son a huge hug
cute dad and daughter

"Kate has the ability to create an atmosphere of fun during family sessions. The images she captures are joyful because my kids are truly having fun during the shoot. Family pictures are no longer a dreaded affair but full of laughter."

Angie & Joel Gates -- 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Family Client
kids all together running and laughing
laughing brother and sisters
funny kids in seattle
cute family together in seattle
sisters running wild together
mom and dad kiss together
cute close up of happy couple
mom and dad take a moment together

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