Lacey & Andrew

Casual coffee date, sunflower fields, a few beers, adoring looks and formal wear at sunset. 

Engagement in Baltimore, Maryland

couple at neighborhood coffee cafe
couple in sunflower field with flower crown
happy woman with flower crown in sunflower field

"Kate is an excellent communicator and she did a fantastic job of explaining her ideas, vision, and thoughts for the day, while still allowing room for any and all ideas we brought to the table. Kate has a natural eye for the candid, human moments that emerge in any setting. We were amazed at how accurately she captured all the subtle expressions of joy, happiness, and exhilaration that we felt. "

Lacey & Andrew -- 2015 Engagement & 2016 Wedding Client
couple in sunflower field kissing backless dress
couple in sunflower field
woman sits on bar and kisses man
couple holds hands with engagement ring
couple walks through street in formal wear
couple kisses in abandoned warehouse window
couple dances at sunset in formal wear in field
couple kisses on fence in formal clothes

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