Lacey & Andrew

Industrial elegance with feminine details. High school sweethearts and a damn good party.
Wedding in York, Pennsylvania

bride and groom at the bond in york PA
bride puts on her jewelry on wedding day in robe
mother of the bride puts on bride's earrings
bride cries as she reads letter from groom
barefoot bride in white robe
bridesmaids in robes toast with champagne

"Working with Kate was as natural and effortless an experience as you could imagine, even on a day that seems as busy and rapid-fire as a wedding day. She and her team were professional and courteous not only to us, but to all of our guests, and really made everyone feel at ease. As a result of that comfort, there is a candid, true, and intimate nature to the photos that I have not seen in any other photographer's work."

Lacey & Andrew
wedding dress reflection in hotel window
portrait of groom black and white in custom suit
maid of honor puts on bride's veil
groom cries during first look with bridee
bride and groom hug at first look
portrait of bride and groom with white brick
romantic bride and groom before ceremony
editorial bride black and white portrait
portrait of bride with veil
bride and groom hold hands on wedding day
bride prepares for first look
bride and groom get coffee and donuts after ceremony
bride and groom eat donuts on wedding day
sisters laugh on wedding day
brides and bridesmaid laugh together portrait
bride and her grandma portrait wedding day
bride and her father right before they walk down the aisle
bride and her father about to walk down the aisle
bride and groom first kiss
bride and groom gorgeous portrait in york PA
decorated macrame table at wedding reception
black and white of bride and groom right after ceremony
bride and groom sending off balloons
bride laughs hysterically
bride and groom during first dance
shut up and dance with me first dance
bride in converse during first dance
really fun first dance at wedding
romantic first dance
toast at wedding reception from best man
father and daughter dance hugs
emotional father daughter dance at wedding
bride sings and dances at wedding
garter toss at wedding reception
mother and daughter dance at reception
big dance party at reception
bridesmaids big dance party at reception
bride and groom sparkler exit from reception
wedding reception sparkler exit

"Kate achieved exactly what we had hoped for when seeking a photographer. She captured the perfect mix of poses and candid shots that truly represent the happiness and exhilaration that we felt on our wedding day. Kate is an excellent communicator and she did a fantastic job of explaining her ideas, vision, and thoughts for the day, while still allowing room for any and all ideas we brought to the table. The final gallery of images was exactly what we had hoped for. Kate has a natural eye for the candid, human moments that emerge in any setting. We were amazed at how accurately she captured all the subtle expressions of joy, happiness, and exhilaration that we felt on that day. It is a beautiful thing to be able to look back on her pictures and relive the moments so personally. Kate is a consummate pro. At no point did we doubt her ability to capture the shots. We were free to enjoy our day in its entirety!"

Lacey & Andrew -- 2015 Enagement & 2016 Wedding Client

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