Drunky’s Two Shoe: Mind Blowing BBQ



This post originally appeared as a post on Hedonist Shedonist, a food & travel blog where I am a contributor.

Here in the Northwest, good BBQ is hard to find. We often settle for mediocre ribs, pulled pork, pork belly, and brisket just to satisfy a craving. Not anymore, Seattle friends. Those dark days are over. Drunky’s has arrived to meet all your meat needs. When I stepped into Drunky’s, I saw a masterpiece of kitsch. Far from the minimalist atmosphere of so many Seattle restaurants, Drunky’s sports a collection of taxidermy, Elvis oil paintings, and antique chainsaws that tricked me into thinking I had stepped into a hunting cabin or my grandfather’s house. My friends and I chose to sit inside since it was a gloriously rainy Seattle night. But, Drunky’s has a large outdoor patio that would be perfect for a nicer day.


seattle_seattlefoodphotographer_foodphotographer_hedonistshedonist_foodblog_drunkysseattle-7We began the meal with a few beers, farmer’s mac, and cheddar jalepeño cornbread. The mac was perfectly creamy & cheesy. It was warm & decadent…the epitome of comfort food. The cornbread with honeybutter was perfection. It was crispy on top and crumbly inside.


seattle_seattlefoodphotographer_foodphotographer_hedonistshedonist_foodblog_drunkysseattle-3When the main courses arrived, it took incredible amounts of self restraint to snap photos before devouring our entrees. The smell of smoked meats and BBQ made us realize how unbelievably hungry we still were. The pork belly sandwich is everything us bacon lovers dream of. The sandwich is served “southern style” with coleslaw topping strips of thick cut, smoky, juicy pork. Once I drizzled some bbq sauce on it, this sandwich was the most incredible combination of spicy, sweet, and smoky.


Tara ordered the ribs plate with potato salad and cornbread, which was also an excellent choice. The ribs were expertly caramelized on the outside and tender on the inside. They practically fell off of the bone and reminded us of what ribs are supposed to taste like.


Max ordered the brisket plate with baked beans and cornbread, yet another combination that did not disappoint. This brisket was tender and smoky: we could tell it was worth the painfully slow-cooking effort that brisket takes but is rarely worth it. This is the exception. The baked beans had the delightful touch of sweet brown sugar and complemented the smokiness of the meat.

After all of this food, and a few more beers, it was time to call it a night. My friends and I were insanely full of the comfort food that is so hard to find in this part of the country. I loved this meal and this restaurant and will definitely be going back to Drunky’s for more of their perfected BBQ.

seattle_seattlefoodphotographer_foodphotographer_hedonistshedonist_foodblog_drunkysseattle-9May your BBQ be the trifecta of smokey, sweet and spicy.



Editorial Photography: Athleta Chi Blog

Recently, I collaborated with Athleta for an editorial shoot. (See the full post on the athleta chi blog here!) The assignment was “3 ways to wear the ponte pant” and I had the most fun styling the looks and picking out locations for me and my yoga model, Elisa!


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.40.57 PM

Athleta gave me total creative freedom to do my thing and man, I can’t say enough how good it feels when a client trusts me so fully. I chose to work with Elisa because she’s a local yoga instructor whose classes are the perfect mix of challenge and restoration. And I just love the work she’s doing around body health & wellness for women. Check out her work, here. Enjoy the awesome athleta clothes & beautiful yoga poses.

seattle_seattleyogaphotographer_yogaphotographer_athleta_chiblog_editorialphotographer-2 seattle_seattleyogaphotographer_yogaphotographer_athleta_chiblog_editorialphotographer-3 seattle_seattleyogaphotographer_yogaphotographer_athleta_chiblog_editorialphotographer-4 seattle_seattleyogaphotographer_yogaphotographer_athleta_chiblog_editorialphotographer-5 seattle_seattleyogaphotographer_yogaphotographer_athleta_chiblog_editorialphotographer-6 seattle_seattleyogaphotographer_yogaphotographer_athleta_chiblog_editorialphotographerIf you’re in the Greenwood area of Seattle, and you are a yoga inclined person, definitely try out Elisa’s classes at Corepower yoga!

Thanks to athleta & power to the she! xoxo


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