Mt. Rainier National Park Hike


Last weekend the Boyfriend and I took a drive from Seattle to Sunrise at Mt. Rainier National Park and good god, it was beautiful! See, I’m a recent immigrant to Washington and I had never been to Mt. Rainier before this. I’m not exactly outdoorsy…but this day could certainly nudge me in that direction. It’s so lovely to get out of the city and have a little adventure. Even though the first 15 minutes of our hike to Frozen Lake had us feeling super out of shape, the rest of the way was easy and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get great views of Mt. Rainier. mtrainier_seattle_photographer_mtrainierphotography_hike

mtrainier_seattle_photographer_mtrainierphotography_hike-3mtrainier_seattle_photographer_mtrainierphotography_hike-4mtrainier_seattle_photographer_mtrainierphotography_hike-5Sunrise is about a 2 hour drive from Seattle. It’s also “the highest point that can be reached by vehicle at Mt. Rainier National Park.” There are lots of trails that offer varying degrees of difficulty, I’m looking forward to bringing some of my nieces and nephews back to this spot so we can take a family hike! Although next time, I probably won’t wear sandals with zero tread…lesson learned.

mtrainier_seattle_photographer_mtrainierphotography_hike-6mtrainier_seattle_photographer_mtrainierphotography_hike-7mtrainier_seattle_photographer_mtrainierphotography_hike-8Summer in the PNW is off to a great start!




Wedding Photography: Jenn & Josiah Get Married!


I love wedding photography. I love traveling for wedding photography. And I love shooting weddings for my friends! So, a few weeks ago, I took a very special trip back to the east coast for the perfect storm of wedding photography–my best friend’s wedding. While I was not the official wedding photographer because I was just a teeny busy being Jenn’s maid of honor, I couldn’t resist sneaking in some camera time whenever I could! Jenn has been one of my best friends since we were freshman in college and it was so special to be part of this big moment in her & Josiah’s life. We live on opposite coasts, but it never feels like it. In college, I used to make Jenn model for my portrait shoots all the time and I’m so happy I was there to shoot parts of her wedding day and stand next to her as she married Josiah. She is creative, hilarious, and generous. Her husband (what!?) Josiah is the perfect match for her! Take a look at a few moments in their day, let’s start with the rehearsal at Stocks Manor

jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-49jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-45jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-48jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-46jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-47jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-50Thanks to Salon Moda for the hair & aveda makeup artists!



Unfortunately I couldn’t shoot the ceremony and stand with the bridal party…so we jump to the reception!


I love this sweet moment between Jenn & her grandmother…


And then the real party began! Jenn loves to dance more than anyone I know!jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-28jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-30jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-31jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-35jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-34jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-32jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-36jennwedding_seattle_weddingphotographer_wedding-37

Let’s wrap it up with  sparkler send off, shall we?


Vendor Round Up! Thanks to all the fantastic teams!

Venue: Stocks Manor, Mechanicsburg, PA

Hair & Makeup: Moda Salon

Flowers: Hammaker’s Flower Shop

Cupcakes: Sweet Confections Cakes

Jenn’s Dress: Celestial Brides

Jenn’s Rehearsal Dinner Dress: Bloomingdales

Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo


I loved this day, and I love these photos, Jenn & Josiah–congratulations & cheers to you!



Leslie in Woodland Park: Yoga Photography


I love yoga photography. Probably because I love yoga in my non-photography life. I love the awareness and mindfulness it invites into my body. I love the way it makes me slow down. I love the reminder to JUST BREATHE, DAMMIT. And I love how beautiful and graceful it looks. Leslie is a yogi, a triathlete, a wanderlust junkie, and all around awesome chick to hang out with. She also has the gift of making advanced, contorted yoga poses look about as easy as sitting in a chair. So, a few weeks ago we wandered out to Woodland Park where we could feel all woodsy and nature-y while she did her thing. And man, did she look beautiful doing it!




“Warrior pose battles inner weakness and wins focus. You see that there is no war within you. You’re on your own side, and you are your own strength.”


Leslie recently wrote a beautiful post on her blog called, “Be a warrior, not a worrier.” She writes about different ways to cope with stress and anxiety in a healthy way. Definitely worth a read, it’s an inspiration to slow down, breathe, and remember what you already have. It’s advice we should all take to heart!




“Yoga is really trying to liberate us from … shame about our bodies. To love your body is a very important thing — I think the health of your mind depends on your being able to love your body.” Rodney Yee


leslie_portrait_seattle_yogaportraits_yoga_woodlandpark-4850And finally, this beautiful portrait of calm to end this post…


Thanks for being such a joyful and peaceful model, Leslie!

xoxo, Kate

( Leslie wears clothing and uses a mat from Lululemon)

For any runners out there who neglect stretching their hamstrings as much as I do…try this yoga sequence your legs will be so happy.

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